Beswick Hunca Munca


Hunca Munca
Hunca Munca and Hunca Munca Sweeping Are very collectible Figurines
Hunca Munca comes in two styles.  The first style (Hunca Munca with the straw cradle) was modelled by Arthur Gredington and was first issued in 1951.  It has the back-stamp BP-1a, BP-2, BP-3a, BP-3b, BP-3c, BP-4, BP-5 or BP-10b.   It ceased production in 2000.
The second style, (Huncal Munca cleaning a saucepan)
was modelled by Shane Ridge.   It was first issued in 2001 and ceased production in 2002.   It has the back-stamp BP-11a.
Hunca Munca Sweeping was modelled by David Lyttleton and comes in two versions with three variations.   The first version comes in the small size (8.9 cm).  The first variation in this version was issued in 1977 and has a green broom handle.   It has the back-stamp BP-3b,
BP-3c, BP-4, BP-10a or BP-11a.  Production ceased in 2002.Hunca Munca Sweeping
The second variation has a green broom handle and gold dustpan.   It was issued in 1998 for one year only, and has the back-stamp BP-9b.
The second version is in the large size (13.3 cm).  It was modelled by Amanda Hughes-Lubeck and has a gold dustpan and broom handle.  It was issued in 1999 as a limited edition of 1,947 and has the back-stamp BP-9c.

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