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 Foxy Whiskered Gentleman

This striking figurine, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman, comes in two versions with four variations.
The first version is small (12.1 cm) and was modelled by Arthur Gredington.  
The first variation has a gloss finish and was issued in 1954 and ran until 2002.  It has the back-stamp BP-1a, BP-2, BP-3a, BP-3b, BP-3c, BP-4 or BP-10a.   
N.B. 1.Variations occur with the head turned either to the right or to the left.  
         2. Gentleman is spelled ‘Gentlemen’ on all BP-1 and BP-2 back-stamps.
The second variation is small (12.1 cm) and has a Satin finish.  It was issued in 2001 and discontinued in 2002.  It has the back-stamp BP-11a.
The second version is large (19.1 cm) and was also modelled by Arthur Gredington. 
The first variation was only issued by Royal Albert and can be found in that section.
The second variation has Gold buttons.   It was issued in 1998 in a limited edition of 1,947 and has the back-stamp BP-9c.

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