The History of Gund Soft Toys

Gund Soft Toys have a fascinating History.

Here is an extract from their Website – 






Adolph Gund founded the Gund Manufacturing Company in Norwalk, Connecticut – producing toys and other novelties in New York City for the growing toy market






Even in the early years, Adolph Gund established a tradition of innovative design. He was responsible for several patented mechanisms that brought life to his creations







GUND first produced products in New York City loft factories on Third Avenue, Broadway, West 19th Street and 42nd Street. By 1922, offices were on East Ninth Street (as in the picture)







Jacob Swedlin, a longtime GUND employee, purchased the company after Adolph Gund’s retirement.  The Swedlin family would go on to run GUND for the next four decades.







Drug Store windows in the 1930s showcased GUND’S patented barking dogs and best-selling dressed bunnies







During World War 11, GUND produced a product promoting the purchased of War Bonds.  The unique shape is an example of GUND’S innovative 4 Circle design – a unique huggable shape with contrasting fabrics.







The Company continued to expand througout the 1950s and 60s.  Building upon their original line of products, GUND licensed many popular characters from Hollywood studios







Herbert Raiffe lead GUND into the 1970s by expaqnding product offeri9ngs to include exotic animals new to the industry.  His vision had GUND selling panda bears just as President Nixon visited China in 1972, setting off Panda-mania across the USA







GUND introduced its iconic Gotta Gett GUND consumer advertising campaign.  This slogan is still featured prominently on GUND advertising and packaging materials







GUND Director of Design Rita Wedlin Raiffe is credited for putting the ‘soft’ in soft toys.  She reveolutionized the industry, championing huggable designs, reduced stuffing, softer textiles and gentler patterns.

In 1991 GUND launched KinderGund – later babyGUND a soft gentle line just for infants and toddleres








GUND celebrated 100th anniversary with special events that involved customers, consumers, staff, celebrities and children’s charities.






Lead by third generation President Bruce Raiffe, GUND is part of the Enesco LLC brand family, with headquarters in Edison, New Jersey.  Gund is committed, as ever, to creating quality, innovative products for all to enjoy for years to come.



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